Before deciding on any martial arts school it is important to get all the facts. If you do not see your question here, please feel free to contact us by phone 442-257-2303 or email.

Can I come observe a class?

Yes, you and your child are welcome to watch our classes in action. However, for safety and security reasons, please notify the instructor.

Do you offer a special beginner trial?

Yes, we offer a FREE TRIAL – there is absolutely no risk or obligation. Just try out our program for one week, then decide. It’s that easy!

Do you have contracts?

NO, we never have contracts.

How much does it cost?

We believe self defense is a right, not a privilege. So, we strive to keep your cost low. However, the cost for lessons is dependent on which membership option you select. Scorpius Martial Arts offers several different membership options: full or part time, month to month, 6-month, and annual. We also offer discounts for qualified referrals.

How long are classes?

All classes are 40 minutes in length.

Do you offer beginner classes for children and adults?

Yes, we offer classes for all ages and abilities.

Is there sparring in the children’s curriculum?

Light contact parring is introduced into the curriculum as soon as possible. Sparring is a requirement in our curriculum and necessary to earn a Black Belt. Students are closely supervised when sparring and all students are required to wear protective gear.

Are there testing fees?

Yes, testing fees are dependent upon belt rank and due the day of the test. Testing occurs a few times per year, depending on rank. Students will receive a testing notification prior to test date.

Must I compete in tournaments?

No. Although tournament competition is fun, it is NEVER mandatory.

Do you do birthday parties and special events?

Yes, we do children’s birthday parties and special events. It does not matter whether the birthday child is a student or not, our parties are designed to be fun for everyone! For group events we offer customized safety and education programs for all ages. Please  contact us, by phone 442-257-2303 or email, for more information.

Why Scorpius Martial Arts?

Scorpius Martial Arts specializes in traditional martial arts and practical self-defense training that focuses on the individual; Mind, Body and Spirit. In addition to advocating  for physical fitness, classes at Scorpius Martial Arts promote honesty, dedication, perseverance, respect for self and others, cooperation, and teamwork. Students of Scorpius Martial Arts enjoy the life long benefits of improved confidence, communication skills, increased physical fitness, and practical, effective self defense skills.

Give your child a gift that will last a life time…
Scorpius Martial Arts!

What is Tang Soo Do?

Tang Soo Do (pronounced “tong sue doe”) is a traditional Korean style of martial arts with origins similar to that of Tae Kwon Do. Consisting of primary systems of empty-handed self-defense dating back about 2000 years, Tang Soo Do was originally used as a way for common folks to protect themselves from the unforgiving sword of the Samurai. Although Korean martial arts were banned from 1910 to 1945, during the Japanese occupation, the style of Tang Soo Do survived through underground teachings.

Tang represents the Chinese influence on the development of modern Tang Soo Do. Many Koreans escaped the Japanese occupation living and working in China. Grand Master Hwang Kee, founder of Moo Duk Kwon, the precursor to Tang Soo Do, was among the displaced Koreans in China until the end of World War II.

Soo translates to “hand” or “open-hand” as there are many techniques for blocking and striking that involve the use of open-hands. Also, the term open-handed carries the implication of being unarmed. While we will learn to use and defend against typical martial arts weapons, the art of Tang Soo Do is the art of the unarmed, open-handed self-defense.

Do is related to the Chinese word “tao” or “dao” meaning “path” or “way.” Therefore, Tang Soo Do is the open hand way; a way of life, a path to follow. As such, it carries with it not only techniques for effective self-defense and fighting, but a philosophy for living honorably, cultivating mental prowess, physical fitness, developing respect for others and earning respect in return. 

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