A positive  place  to  build  important  life  skills  like  confidence,  self-esteem,  honor,  perseverance &  respect while  staying fit, & having fun!

Affordable Martial Arts & Self Defense Training

“Fun, high energy classes for the whole family!”

Children 4-12 years

A healthy environment for growing and learning about personal safety

Teens 13-18 years

A safe place to build confidence & develop effective self defense skills

Parents & Young Adults

Value, Convenience, Flexibility & Peace of Mind

 NO contracts or hidden charges, ever!!!

Schedule & Tuition

Class Schedule

Tuesday     4:30pm – 5:30pm
Wednesday    4:30pm – 5:30pm
Thursday     4:30pm – 5:30pm
Saturday    11:00am – noon

NO CLASSES will be held on:

Thursday, July 4th, Independence Day

Saturday, July 6th

Thursday, October 31st, Halloween

Thursday, November 28, Thanksgiving Day

Saturday November 30th

Winter Break:  Sunday, December 22, 2019 – Sunday January 5, 2020

Saturday, April 11, 2020, Easter Weekend

Enrollment (Required for New Students Only)

$35 per student*   Includes Registration, FREE dobak (Uniform top, pants & belt).

*Pre-pay 3 months & get FREE Enrollment package including registration & dobak.

Monthly Tuition

$ 40 per student** – 2 classes per week

$ 75 per student** – Unlimited attendance

** Sibling/Family discounts are available, please ask for more information.

Private Lessons (30 minutes)

Available by appointment only.

Contact Scorpius Martial Arts for more details.

About Scorpius

 Personal development through Tang Soo Do
Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit

The ultimate goal of Tang Soo Do is to achieve victory without combat,
harmony in nature, and personal development of mind, body, and spirit.

Mind ~ focus, concentration, confidence, self-esteem and respect

  Body ~ coordination, flexibility, speed, power, stamina, endurance

    Spirit ~ intangible qualities of the indomitable spirit such as honor,
integrity, humility, dedication, perseverance  & loyalty

Mission Statement

Our mission is to encourage and empower all students to achieve harmony among the three essential elements of life, Mind, Body & Spirit, through personalized instruction and by providing fun, affordable, high-energy family programs that focus on personal development and of course, effective self-defense.

Vision Statement

At Scorpius Martial Arts, our vision is to be locally recognized as the leader
in martial arts and self-defense instruction for children and families.

Scorpius Martial Arts Culture

Our first priority is teaching students to be confident, responsible, and respectful. Students must learn to use “common sense” before self-defense and never be abusive towards others or misuse their martial arts skills. 

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Why Scorpius Martial Arts?

Scorpius Martial Arts specializes in traditional martial arts and practical self-defense training that focuses on the individual; Mind, Body and Spirit. In addition to advocating  for physical fitness, classes at Scorpius Martial Arts promote honesty, dedication, perseverance, respect for self and others, cooperation, and teamwork. Students of Scorpius Martial Arts enjoy the life long benefits of improved communication skills, increased physical fitness, and practical, effective self defense skills.

Give your child a gift that will last a life time…
Scorpius Martial Arts!


What is Tang Soo Do?

Tang Soo Do (pronounced “tong sue doe”) is a traditional Korean style of martial arts with origins similar to that of Tae Kwon Do. Consisting of primary systems of empty-handed self-defense dating back about 2000 years, Tang Soo Do was originally used as a way for common folks to protect themselves from the unforgiving sword of the Samurai. Although Korean martial arts were banned from 1910 to 1945, during the Japanese occupation, the style of Tang Soo Do survived through underground teachings.

Tang represents the Chinese influence on the development of modern Tang Soo Do. Many Koreans escaped the Japanese occupation living and working in China. Grand Master Hwang Kee, founder of Moo Duk Kwon, the precursor to Tang Soo Do, was among the displaced Koreans in China until the end of World War II.

Soo translates to “hand” or “open-hand” as there are many techniques for blocking and striking that involve the use of open-hands. Also, the term open-handed carries the implication of being unarmed. While we will learn to use and defend against typical martial arts weapons, the art of Tang Soo Do is the art of the unarmed, open-handed self-defense.

Do is related to the Chinese word “tao” or “dao” meaning “path” or “way.” Therefore, Tang Soo Do is the open hand way; a way of life, a path to follow. As such, it carries with it not only techniques for effective self-defense and fighting, but a philosophy for living honorably, cultivating mental prowess, physical fitness, developing respect for others and earning respect in return.



Why Everyone Should Earn a Black Belt?

  Earning a black belt is important because traditional martial arts training is far more complex than simply learning self defense; instruction focuses on the individual and regularly provides opportunities for not only physical growth, but mental and spiritual growth as well. In addition to advocating physical fitness, participation in the martial arts promotes honesty, integrity, dedication, perseverance, respect, honor, courtesy, community and loyalty. Martial arts students enjoy lifelong benefits from improved intrapersonal and interpersonal communication skills, increased mental focus, physical fitness, & practical, effective self defense skills.

So, why should everyone earn a black belt? Black belt students experience improved grades and perform better at school or work, and in sports or other activities.  Black belt students are mentally, physically & emotionally healthy and strong.  Black belt students have a strong self-discipline, respect and a positive attitude.  Black belt students have the confidence and self-esteem to confront life’s challenges and say no to peer pressure.  Black belt students have the skills and ability to stand up to bullies, and effectively defend themselves, and/or others.

So, how long does it take for the average person to earn a black belt you ask? Well my friends, the average person does not earn a black belt!


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