Why Everyone Should Earn a Black Belt?

Earning a black belt is important because traditional martial arts training is far more complex than simply learning self defense; instruction focuses on the individual and regularly provides opportunities for not only physical growth, but mental and spiritual growth as well. In addition to advocating physical fitness, participation in the martial arts promotes honesty, integrity, dedication, perseverance, respect, honor, courtesy, community and loyalty. Martial arts students enjoy lifelong benefits from improved intrapersonal and interpersonal communication skills, increased mental focus, physical fitness, & practical, effective self defense skills.

So, why should everyone earn a black belt? Black belt students experience improved grades and perform better at school or work, and in sports or other activities.  Black belt students are mentally, physically & emotionally healthy and strong.  Black belt students have a strong self-discipline, respect and a positive attitude.  Black belt students have the confidence and self-esteem to confront life’s challenges and say no to peer pressure.  Black belt students have the skills and ability to stand up to bullies, and effectively defend themselves, and/or others.

So, how long does it take for the average person to earn a black belt you ask? Well my friends,  the average person does not earn a black belt!

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